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Alberto Vaquerizo



As a legal scholar he provides innovating and effective solutions for highly-complex processes.

Representative works

Debt restructuring

He has recently participated in negotiation processes and pre-bankruptcy debt restructuring (refinancing agreements and loan syndication, among others).


He has counseled on many bankruptcy related cases and the application of Bankruptcy Law. He has also participated in different bankruptcy procedures in all its stages for borrowers as well as creditors.

Civil and Commercial Law

He has counseled numerous civil and commercial cases related to all type of agreements, including the selling and buying of assets and rights, supply contracts specially for the energy industry, ISDA financial derivatives, syndicated loans, technology license agreements, and all types of financial operations, expanding his experience and knowledge in complex financing, syndicated loans, and security law.

Company Operations

He has also given specialized legal advice on company operations (mergers and acquisitions), and partner and joint venture agreements.

Domestic Arbitrations

As an arbitrator, he acted in ad hoc domestic arbitration on a partner dispute for an important corporation on the construction and compliance of a stock option contract and the effective use of the statutorily acknowledged preferred acquisition right.

Dr. Vaquerizo is a well-respected expert in Commercial Law. He has received an Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Law School of the Autonomous University of Madrid and he is also a Commercial Law Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, among other achievements. Clients refer to him as an extraordinary expert in law, providing solid and creative solutions. He balances his academic activities by practicing Commercial Law, deeply understanding the client’s needs and introducing the options available to meet them. His innovating thinking is a plus adding solutions out of the ordinary. He specializes in legal advice for businesses in crisis – refinancing, restructuring, and tendering.

Professional Background

He has been a partner at Garayar Abogados since September, 2007.

Educational Background

Doctor of Law, cum laude, from the Autonomous University of Madrid (April, 2002). Doctoral Thesis «Asistencia financiera para la adquisición de acciones propias. Estudio para una reconstrucción de su disciplina jurídica» (Financial Assistance for Reacquired Stock. Study on the Reconstruction of its Legal Discipline); Unanimous distinction “Cum Laude” qualification; Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Master of Laws in Common Law Studies (LL.M.) from Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA (May, 1993).

Law Degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid (June, 1991).

Academic Activities

He is the author of many publications and reports related to Corporate and Bankruptcy Law. He took part in different research projects related to invitations to tender for the National Scientific Investigation Planning and Technological Development and Innovation, including the projects ‘Corporate Economic Crisis, Bankruptcy and Restructuring’ (2005 – 2008) and ‘Corporation Structure, Financing, and Management’ (2008 – 2011). He was the Vice Dean of Research and Postgraduates at the Law School of the Autonomous University of Madrid (2003 – 2006). He has lectured at many conferences and given specialization courses at different institutions, public and private, such as the European University Institute of Turin, University of Lima, Madrid Economists’ Association, and the Management Development Association.

Other Team Members

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