Alba López-Agudiña Fernández


Alba joined Garayar Abogados in 2012 after being part of a team of achievers from the Law School of the University of Oviedo. She is currently part of a team specializing in complex operations.

She works on commercial contract operations, specially related to the tourism and hotel industry, sometimes including technology components. She also collaborates in business operations and corporate restructuring – the development of the legal and corporate structure for investment, bank and private refinancing, equity investment, and takeover projects, or award agreements for debt payments and their execution. She is also in charge of business operations for company groups and legal secretariat, having broad experience in Corporate operations.

She has been a practicing attorney at Garayar Asociados since 2012.

Member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid

Educational Background

  • Law Degree – 8.74 GPA, University of Oviedo, 2011
  • Candidate. Law and Tax Law major, 2011 – 2012

Professional Background

  • Internship – School of Law. Mijares Abogados – March, 2011 – June, 2011 (4 months) Oviedo
  • Attorney. Garayar Abogados – July, 2012 – Present (4 years and 1 month) Madrid 

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