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Business operations and
corporate restructuring

Business operations and corporate restructuring.

Corporate restructuring is an important step in the life of a business. The interests and circumstances of shareholders, executives, financial entities, and employees play an important role. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive and long-term evaluation of the interests at risk for the restructuring development and implementation to be successful.

These operations require a complete and comprehensive study, not only limited to legal matters but also including risks, responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses of the involved parties.

We analyze the client’s goal and study the case in order to provide the best strategy, which might be different from the initial idea. We can also recommend not going through with a business operation or corporate restructuring should we consider there are other ways more suitable to achieving the intended goal. We are not conservative and rarely predictable.

We always consider the clients’ situation and goals, where they stand and how they operate. The structure developed should not only be legally fit but also adjust to their business and internal operations. A brilliant legal development is useless if it does not have a practical solution, sustainable over time.

We analyze other legal aspects, not necessarily commercial, that might influence the operation’s development at that moment, as well as those that might come up in the future, such as tax, labor (business succession), regulatory, or even penal connotations related to the new types of corporate offenses.

Our work is not over once the operation is signed. We are committed to the successful execution of the operation and the results that suit our clients’ needs in the present and future.


Legal development and structuring of business projects:

  • Development and implementation of financial and tax optimization structures and tools of all types of investments
  • Business structure design and advice on corporate group and single company restructuring and reorganization
  • Development of asset protection and succession planning instruments for family groups
  • Corporate Law general advice

Business legal advice:

  • Development and implementation of business models and their contract draw-up
  • Risk reduction and business liabilities
  • Commercial contract drafting and contract negotiation advice

Business Operations:

  • Business operation development and implementation
  • Buying and selling of businesses and assets
  • Corporate investment and stockholding
  • Joint venture and shareholder agreements
  • Public offer of shares
  • Public to private operations (along with delisting)
  • Leveraged buyouts (LBOs and MBOs)
  • Venture capital and private equity operations
  • Overall funding or acquisition financing operations
  • Mergers, demergers, and other company structure change operations
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