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Litigations and Arbitrations

Effective and innovating solutions for the client’s complex situations.

We live in a world that is becoming more and more competitive, divided, and regulated. As a result, businesses are constantly being threatened by conflicts. During the recent financial crisis and the ongoing market restructuring, business strategy development tends to generate competing interests, and legal action is an available resource on every negotiation.

Some of the possible solutions to achieve the client’s goals are to remain in the negotiation or to take it to bankruptcy to file a lawsuit, to present the possibility of winning a litigation to come closer to a potential settlement, to prepare the terrain for a dispute with more substantial guarantees, or to establish alliances with third parties with partially shared interests.

We understand that winning a case may not be useful if the opportunity is no longer available once it is ruled in favor and even less when it is executed.

The goal is not only to win the case but to meet our client’s objectives.

We, at Garayar Abogados, know that the best answer is to act with diligence and dedication, taking into consideration not only the judicial means, but also alternative ways of conflict resolution such as arbitrage, negotiation and proactive mediation.

Our multidisciplinary approach leads us to work collaboratively among experts in all involved fields, together with experienced procedural law attorneys to deliver the best possible results.


  • Civil, commercial, penal and contentious-administrative procedures
  • Proceedings before the Competition Defense Service, as well as the Spanish commercial-administrative courts
  • All types of resources before Spanish and community courts
  • Injunction reliefs
  • Execution of court resolutions
  • Arbitration or representation of one of the parties in an arbitration, institutional, or ad hoc procedure
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