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Financial crisis, refinancing, and tendering

We help companies to overcome survival challenges.

Macroeconomics cycle changes do not improve the structural feasibility of a company, despite any capital contributions. Often, failed recuperation strategies result in lower income after capital divestment, increasing indebtedness from new financing sources, further impairment of assets from depreciation caused by forced asset sales, and new financial costs, as well as a higher cash outflow to cover debt servicing due to increased leverage.

A business’ poor financial situation does not necessarily lead to bankruptcy. Business continuity should be considered before making such a decision.

When facing a financial crisis, prior to the analysis of the legal framework, we evaluate the financial and commercial feasibility of the company in trouble.  The solution for a company going through a financial crisis depends on the real situation it is in:

  • the company is essentially feasible, but has toxic assets;
  • the company is essentially not feasible, but has valuable assets or profitable businesses; or
  • the company is not feasible.

It is only possible to come up with the best solution after analyzing the business feasibility, its value and projection of assets.

Among the possible courses of action, the solution might often be realizing and leveraging the value of non-feasible assets and positions under the legal framework and strict partner and administrator conduct in order to avoid the value of said assets to be absorbed by previous obligations.

However, in case of a substantial free cashflow that is not related to a debt service on a specific asset, multiple assets, or the company as a whole, it would be advisable to implement company restructuring operations, such as total or partial business demerger.

Ultimately, if the business is not feasible, and its value generating assets or production units cannot be fractioned, we will design and implement the most suitable asset liquidation strategy.

We first understand the business, then analyze all possible outcomes, and finally create successful solutions.


Refinancing and debt restructuring:

  • Economic and legal strategy development for refinancing operations
  • Client representation in negotiations with banks and financial entities
  • Debt refinancing structuring
  • Asset and debt acquisition of companies in financial crisis

Pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy counseling:

  • Bankruptcy liquidations
  • Pre-bankruptcy counseling
  • Bankruptcy counseling throughout all its stages for the borrowers, creditors, and bankruptcy administration
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