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We welcome you to become part of a team of creative lawyers dedicated to the handling and resolution of complex cases. Our internal structure (less than two associates per partner) allows our lawyers to engage in all the important stages of the operations right from the start.

Therefore, it is important to possess strong technical and legal knowledge and speak different languages. We also value the cultural background, specific industry and business expertise, and personality of our future colleagues. We want people with strong social and communication skills, eager to learn and practice high standard law, with independent thought and creativity. Our model is a helping environment where these skills can be developed and expanded.

Learn more about us at our blog, especially on this post.

We also recommend you watch this video (an interview with Emiliano Garayar), where the President of our Law Firm defines high-added value law and our complex case expertise. He highlights the need for corporate culture and a strong common vision to drive a law firm to its success – “We have always known that a team ought to be above the individual, no matter how good a lawyer may be.  This is why many of our incentives are related to solidarity and team work.”

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