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Who we are

We are corporate lawyers with a solid multidisciplinary expertise.
We strive for our clients’ trust by working with:


We are an independent law firm. Our actions or omissions are not influenced by our own or third party interests that may not be in alignment with the best interests of our clients. We do not need a policy on conflict resolution, simply because we do not have any conflicts.

Professional Judgment

We are aware that the client expects more from us than just agreeing with their approach and ambitions. We believe in the importance of saying no, to avoid unfulfilled expectations.

Convergence of Interests

We take your case personally. Our professional relationship with our clients is based on the alignment of mutual interests. From planning the achievement of realistic goals, to establishing the retribution for our services, the interactions with our clients must lead to the convergence of mutual efforts and concurrence of wills. If the client wins a case, the law firm wins as well. Your business’ risks are yours, the legal risks are ours, and what we do together is common ground.

Diligent Work and Results

We put our full array of resources to work for you without reservations in order to provide the best possible service. Once we take on a case, we do not establish neither effort nor dedication limits. We will do everything in our power to obtain ambitious yet realistic results. If time or circumstances jeopardize the continuity of our efforts, we are the first ones to refrain from futile endeavors. We will always be there for you to help you as much as we can.

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